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Re: Wort "extrovertiert"
Datum: Mo, 07.06.2021, 21:55
Antwort auf: Re: Wort "extrovertiert" (Ivan Panchenko)


Im Georges stand „extra“ (siehe meine vorige Antwort; Link) und „versus“, in folgender Quelle steht „extro“ und „versus“

A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

extrorsus,-a,-um (part..A), extroversus, -a,-um (part.A): extrorse, turned towards the outside, opening on the outside, turned away from the axis, situated on the outer side of a filament, as an anther [> L. extro + verso, 3., q.v.]; opp. of introversus, q.v.;

- antheras adnatae, in R. veris extrorsae (DeCandolle), anthers adnate, in R. veris extrorse.

- antheris extroversis, with extrorse anthers.

- antherae adnatae, loculis rimi longitudinali saepius dehiscentibus, introrsis lateralibusve nunquam extrorsis (DeCandolle), the anthers adnate, with the locules very often dehiscing with a longitudinal fissure, facing the inside or lateral sometimes facing the outside.

- antherae subsessiles, extrorsum et deorsum loculos antherarum longitudinaliter dehiscentes gerentes. (DeCandolle), the anthers subsessile bearing the locules of the anthers facing outward and downward, longitudinally dehiscing.

- antherae adnatae extrorsae (DeCandolle), the anthers adnate, extrorse.

A work in progress, presently with preliminary A through R, and S, and with S (in part) through Z essentially completed.
Copyright © P. M. Eckel 2010-2021

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
As if from an assumed L. extrorsus, for extroversus,; extra, on the outside + vertere, versum, to turn: cf. F. extrorse,




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